How to get the best Organic Herbal Pharmacy Products

organic-pure-natural-skin-care-antique-apothecaryYou know that there are herbs and herbal remedies that help in cases of ailments and natural creams that relieve itching and eliminate bruises.  When you need to use them, you do not know how and where to source the best remedies. You may even have thought of building a “kitchen” pharmacy with alternative remedies, but have failed because you were not able to find a reliable supplier and lack the required knowledge.

Antique Apothecary, with its organic and 100% natural pharmacy and herbal remedies and holistic approach to health, has solved this problem for you. Whatever your day-to-day health problem (physical or emotional), Antique Apothecary Organic Pharmacy has a remedy carefully formulated by its founder herbalist.

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Organic Caffeine Free Herbal Teas

Here are some top tips:


ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Anti-acne Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) is created to help you obtain and maintain healthy looking skin and fight acne (rosacea or vulgaris) from within. Coupled with 100% natural acne skincare treatment gives you the best defence to fight acne and related skin conditions.


ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Natural Constipation Relief Herbal Tea Blend is a very natural and gentle tea blend, with calming, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties and a recipe for success.


bouquetLime flowers, Lemon balm, Yarrow, Valerian and Chamomile are ideal for the treatment of insomnia. You can make an infusion with one of them or combining them, even all together. In a cup of boiling water, add 1 teaspoon of the herb or combination of herbs you want, leave the mixture for a few minutes and strain. Drink 1 cup in the afternoon and one before bedtime. ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Relax Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) is an excellent aid to reduce nerve tension, excitability, hyperactivity; to subdue relentlessness and induce sleep. Use it before bedtime or with dinner, but also every time you feel that you need it.


ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Herbal Tea for children’s mild fever help in:

  • lime_flowerstimulating circulation;
  • promoting sweating and relieving fevers;
  • fighting cold and flu and shortening their duration;
  • promoting elimination of toxins;
  • helping improve relaxation during illness and relieving cramps associated with hormones or illness.

Used together with 100% Natural Cold Relief Balm helps the organism recover more quickly. Comforting and soothing when applied to the chest and back, the cold relief balm comes in two formulas: one gentle enough for babies; the second can be used by the whole family. Also, popularly used during the day, in moments of anxiety or tension.

Heavy/puffy legs

ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Therapeutic Oil Blend for Puffy Legs & Ankles is made of 100% Pure and Natural Organic Vegetable Oils and 100% Therapeutic Grade Organic Essential Oils and is an effective product in case of puffy legs. Together with ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Healthy Circulatory System Herbal Tea Blend (Infusion) is created with the aim to help you maintain a healthy circulatory system, in order to help you in your fight to prevent cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.


ANTIQUE APOTHECARY Comforting Balancing Refreshing Herbal Tea Blend for Menopause is a full flavoured and tasty, organic herbal tea infusion, aiming at helping red-cloveralleviate and reduce menopausal symptoms, balancing hormone levels and, generally, promoting good health.

IMPORTANT: The consumption of specific herbs can be done for a long time without problems, but after 2-3 weeks it is recommended to take one week break.

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