“The Hammered Flower”







The exclusive handcrafted jewel that is offered by Antique Apothecary on special promotions, represents a ginkgo biloba leaf, symbol of longevity and love and is exclusively created by Eleana, multi-talented artist and architect, of the artistic workshop “The Hammered Flower”.

This workshop was established when Eleana decided to fulfil her love of handmade jewellery creation, dating back to her childhood years, while also her everlasting adoration for Aesthetics and Arts moved her on that direction. The Hammered Flower” is the culmination of a successful career in architecture and a life–long love of the arts.

Here are some examples of her beautiful hand crafted jewellery.


You can find more examples of Eleana’s work on “The Hammered Flower” website.

For more information about Eleana’s work, please email at info@hammeredflower.com